Existential and Self Processes Lab

Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate students in this lab are expected to take an active role in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing the various research projects that we conduct.  The training is thus heavily geared towards developing the foundation of skills necessary to complete a PhD in social psychology and to obtain a career in social psychological science.  

Individuals with prior research experience, strong writing skills, and a desire to pursue a career in social psychological science are ideal candidates for positions in this lab.  Those with research interests and/or experiences closely aligned with the topics being pursued in the lab are especially attractive.  

For more information about joining the lab, contact Dr. Vess via email.

Additional Information:

Master's Program in Experimental Psychology @ Montana State

MSU PSY490R Positions

Undergraduate research assistants play a vital role in this lab.  They interact with participants and are primarily responsible for running each experimental session.  As such, undergraduates in this lab receive hands-on training in psychological science and a "behind-the-scenes" look at how social psychologists conduct research. 

Montana State University undergraduates with strong academic records who are highly motivated, responsible, and interested in pursuing a graduate degree in experimental psychology are ideal candidates for these positions.

For more information about joining the lab, please contact Dr. Vess via email.

To apply for a position in the lab, please complete the initial application form.  

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