Existential and Self Processes Lab

The Existential and Self Processes Lab at Montana State University conducts research on a variety of topics relevant to the self and the psychological processes associated with people's efforts to deal with existential issues.

MSU undergraduates interested in joining the lab can apply here.


  • 2/23/14 - Matt will give a talk on construal level and self-esteem reactivity at the Association for Psychological Science conference in San Franciso, CA [Friday (5/23) @ 4 PM]
  • 4/14/14 - We will be welcoming two graduate students to the lab beginning in the Fall.  Congrats to Stephanie Leal and Russell Hoeldtke. We're very excited to have you on board. 
  • 4/11/14 - Matt gave a talk on the link between mortality concerns and meaning at Texas A&M University.

  • 3/28/14 - Billy Davis' paper on authenticity and self-esteem (Matt is a co-author) was accepted for publication at The Journal of Positive Psychology.

  • 2/14/14 - Matt gave a talk on the true self and self-concept clarity at the SPSP Conference in Austin, Texas.
  • 2/14/14 - Former lab member, Ross Rogers, presented a poster on construal level and moral judgments at SPSP in Austin, Texas.
  • 5/31/13 - Our article on the affective consequences of true self-conceptions was accepted for publication at the Journal of Personality.

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