About the lab.

The Existential Psychology Lab at Montana State University conducts research to better understand how people's existential concerns influence a wide spectrum of psychological processes and behavior. For example, we study how people resolve underlying fears about mortality and how people construct meaningful views of their lives.

If you're an undergraduate at MSU looking to get involved in the lab (e.g., PSYx490R), you can find information here.

Lab News.

** August 28, 2016 - - Our paper on the true-self and mindwandering, written with colleagues from the Texas A&M Existential Psychology Lab, has been published in Consciousness and Cognition.

** August 28, 2016 - - The Existential Psychology Lab @ MSU is excited to welcome its newest graduate student, Courtney Sanders. Courtney is a bright, hard-working student. We're excited to have her as a colleague!

** August 1, 2016 - - Matt and his colleagues (Rebecca Brooker, Matt Stichter, and Jenae Neiderhiser) were awarded a 3 year grant ($523,485.00) from the Genetics and Human Agency Iniative supported by the John Templeton Foundation. Matt and colleagues will study virtue and virtue development in the context of heritability information.

** May, 2016 - - One of our undergraduate research assistants, Rose Dormanen, received an MSU Undergraduate Scholars Program award to conduct research on authenticity and women's experiences in STEM.